Week Ten Reflection

Educational change is a phrase that has been batted around for the last fifty years.  Has anything changed?  Are we doing business any differently that we did in say, the 1970’s?  I have come to realize that change is happening, but not due to the focus of our educational system but due to the fact that online learning has become a reality and the market has driven the change.  Education has always been a closed system, apparently impenetrable and impervious to real change.  We have the same type of school schedule.  We are teaching, generally using the same methods.  We are picking kids up with the bus and dropping them off with the bus and it is the bus schedule that drives our system.  That is incredible.  Online learning has taken the keys away from the educational kingdom and has opened up the market.  Once a market is free, the quality of the product tends to get better since the free-market concept demands change and improvement, whether the system wants it or not.

Public education has been stale for a long time, and no amount of money was going to breach the walls of tradition and conformity.  Online learning has and is doing it.  Competition breeds quality.  My brick and mortar system is no longer the only show in town.


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