Week Nine Reflection

This week’s study caused was enlightening in that maybe for the first time it really struck me that education is transforming globally, even as traditionalists have dragged their feet (myself periodically included) as the evolution of teaching and learning has lagged far behind the private sector.  I guess that this week I realized that transformation is taking place right beneath our feet and often within the ranks for educators and organizations and I will say this: The transformation is quiet.  Individuals in schools are part of it, but they are often overlooked because they often are set apart from the regular school day.

They are on the forefront of education and no one know about it.  Now, isnt’ that amazing?  I have often wondered when that change would take place and what would be the impetus for the change since change within any public organization is long, drawn-out, systemically underwhelming and so difficult that the change agents often give up.

The transformation taking place world-wide is taking place with or with out the input of the gate keepers, and I love that!  It is time and the nature of education needs a resurrection.  There is always a painful process with significant change, and public schools, and universities are feeling that right now with budget crunches, but those traditional institutions need to realize that the way things have looked for the last 100 years is not what they are going to look like in the next ten.  visionaries have not been welcome within this traditional system.  Everyone talks of great visions but now on puts foundations under those visions.  It has simply been too hard.  The visionaries are working outside the system and the people are responding.  It is time.


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