Week Eight Reflection

I think that we get so focused on the technology that we lose sight of the human connection and the role that interpersonal communications plays in the development of a successful online course.  As a high school teacher, I have watched this trend over the years as school districts vie for the latest and the greatest. the technology that we acquired last year, that we didn’t completely learn, is set aside for the new technology that is available this year without giving a second thought to real implementation.

I found this week’s study focus refreshing since inevitable, the connections are key to a successful online experience and no matter what the technology, without that interpersonal communication and the skill set to go with it, success for anyone involved is dramatically reduced.

I am also coming to the understanding of clarity in online directions.  The course directions must be clear and concise, with language that is appropriate to the coursework, inviting and accomodating.  More is not necessarily better, and the creative use of blank space is a plus when designing a course.


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