Week Six Reflection

I just had a 74 inch SmartScreen installed in my classroom.  I believe that the total price-tag was just a little north of $5000.00.  Even though it sat in my room in a box for a year because the Borough guys did not want to hang it on the wall (that is another story), I was happy to come back to the school this weekend and find it is hanging and hooked up to my computer.  Here is the problem; the sound is not working.  The touch screen is not working. The VHS that is hooked up to it is not reading.  The remote control is not functional.  I will call IT tomorrow and ask them to send someone over to make it all work, and it will take them two or three trips to Seward which will be more like two or three weeks to make it all better.  In the meantime, I do not have the knowledge or the understanding to troubleshoot the thing myself, which brings me to our conversations this week.  Technology has to be reliable, and it has to be intuitive in order to function effectively.

I will learn to use it and we will get it all fixed, but as I think about building my online class. it is becoming so apparent to me that I need to keep it simple, clear, and the access needs to be reliable.  Those three ideas are going to drive the decision-making, and I think that using technology for the sake of using technology is passe, and now it must function and it must be assistive at some level.  If it is not assistive and is not reliable, then it can’t be used.


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