Week Five Reflection

ADDIE is a valuable tool in the development of an online course.  Simply, the process can appear somewhat daunting without the framework or the blueprint, so to speak.  Certainly, a trained teacher has the knowledge to process the development of a lesson.  An experienced teacher not only has the knowledge, but has the wisdom to not only develop a lesson, but to anticipate the shortcomings and the stumbling blocks.  Considering the transference of the knowledge and wisdom to an entirely different format is challenging on its best day and the structural framework  put forth with ADDIE clarifies so much and reduces the anxiety involved with beginning the process.

I think that I would love to be able to work with a talented designer that had an innate knowledge of the tools of the trade.  I can imagine going to the designer and saying something like, “Here is what I want to do.  What do you think.”  She would reply, “well, I have this site and this program and we can take this over here in order to simplify the process for the student and if you just eliminate that…etc.”  I need to learn about the tools so that we can at least speak a common language.  Good material this week!


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