Week Two Reflection

The revelation I had when I realized that my initial bachelor’s degree was obsolete forced me to acknowledge how quickly the mode of learning are shifting and transforming.  The challenge of the traditional educational model is how to answer that call of change.  All too often, the system that should be leading the charge in contemporary thought and practice, is the very system that stifles the change that is required.  All too often the parents refer to their own education as the framework for their decisions about what their local schools should look like.  All too often, the innovators in education are stymied by the labyrinth of bureaucracies that don’t want to rock the boat, and frankly don’t have the compelling answers for school boards that are hearing from their constituents that the school wants to change the schedule, or the school is not teaching grammar the way it should be, or our kids don’t know how to read and write, or we are falling behind all of the world in math and science, or why can’t we be Finland?

Make no mistake, the transformation has been a difficult one for those of us who actually did a Master’s Degree on a typewriter.  The ability to navigate technology is not innate and has been a climb.  This is not because of our resistance, but due to the way our brains are wired.  Learning about technology has certainly changed the way we learn and learning in a different way has forced the change which has been often frustrating, but through stubborn persistence fueled by a desire not to  be left behind has become more natural.    What is interesting about this learning process is that when viewed through the lens of theory, Behaviorism has had little to do with the education outcome.


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