Week One Reflection

I have been trying to envision ways in which the nuances of a successful classroom experience can be transferred to the online delivery.  The problem is, that the vehicle does not lend itself to the complexities of interpersonal communication.  Frankly, an important aspect of FtF is the abilities of the students and the teacher to read body language and the opportunity to do so.  Maybe I am wrong, and it is possible that the more I learn about teaching online the more I will realize that there are opportunities and methods by which deeper connections can be made.  Maybe OD is just different and comparing the two might be like comparing automobiles and trains.  They can get the rider to his destination, but they have little in common.

The limitations of the technology are going to dictate the depth of the interpersonal communication.  My learning interest right now is in the actual use of the technology, and I think that once I am more familiar with the mechanics of the delivery,  I will see the means of communication and each step will lead to the next.

I Iike the idea of blogging as an engagement tool for online courses.  We used to call that Journaling, but with the tools and the presence on the internet, the writing takes on a much more personal and profound position in the hierarchy of teaching methods.  When the “Publish” button is pushes, the writer has opened herself up and exposed just a little of who she is, what she values, and what she hopes for.  This is and always has been a huge step in the process of making meaning and learning.  I apprecate the idea of “reflecting” since so often, time is not given to the actual act of relection and it is in the state of relection that deep thinking takes place.


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